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Do you know Salvation? What is Salvation ? Can you save yourself ? Who is your Salvation? Why care about salvation ? Is there A Need For Salvation ? Why care about anyone ? Why should we love? Why is there evil ? What solution do you have for evil ? What is the solution to evil? Who can solve evil ? Do humans have power to solve evil ? Sickness, disease, terrorism, murder ? Lying Adultery Stealing? Do you recognize evil ? Why is there evil ? Who needs Salvation? Is there a need for salvation with no evil ? Why does evil happen to friends or family? Who could be your Salvation? Who qualifies to be your Salvation? Why do you need Salvation? Do you know Salvation ? Are You Salvation ?


from GOD I, track released September 5, 2016



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GOD : multi-layered instrumental prog-metal utilizing multiple basses / guitars.

GOD II - Releases October 9 - December 25, 2017

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